The only way to 100% guarantee the charity receives its donations


When making a donation through any platform in the UK, the donor is paying the money to the platform with the agreement that the money will be passed to the charity under that platform’s terms.

Most platforms charge, some do this for free, but the underlying structure is the same, they all act as a middle man that collects the money and holds it on behalf of the charity.

Now for something completely different...

With TotalGiving and NowDonate you are actually donating directly to the charity, this means we do not handle any money.

This is a very big deal...

Not only does the donation get to the charity quicker, but your know 100% that it will reach the charity no matter what happens.

The Donation Manager RedCloud Suite

Manage online & offline donations, supporters, campaigns, & claim Gift Aid and much more in one place.
Create unlimited fundraising pages and appeals.
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A community of 1,000s of donors & supporters.
The System With No Limits
Unlimited Charity Users
Unlimited Charity Subsidiaries
Unlimited Fundraising Pages*
Unlimited Appeals
Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited Gift Aid Claims
External Tools
Unlimited Widgets and Donation Buttons
Receive Online Donations Through Your Website
Branded Checkout Process For Your Website
Advanced Developer API
Developer Webhooks
Sage One Integration
MailChimp Integration
SalesForce Integration
On-site Donations
Custom Thank You Emails*
Fundraising Pages
Create Your Own Fundraising Pages*
Allow Supporters to Create Fundraising Pages*
Gift Aid
Claim on Donations
Claim on Sponsored Events
Claim Gift Aid Online
Record Claims in Progress
Record Completed Claims
Gift Aid Graphs
Approved by HMRC
Receive Online Donations Through Your Website
Categorised Donation Types
One-off Donations
Recurring Donations
Receive Donations in 140 World Currencies*
Receive Debit and Credit Card Payments*
Receive PayPal Payments*
Receive Direct Debit Payments*
Donations via Facebook App*
Anonymous Donations
Bank Reconciliation
Import/Export Facility
Comprehensive Reports
Advanced Search Facility
Multiple Donors Per Address
100% Secure Online Donation Process*
Appeal Manager
Unlimited Fundraising Appeals
Allocate Donations to Appeals
Allocate Events to Appeals
Comprehensive Reports
Export Facility
Sponsored Events
Manage Sponsorship by Event
Export Facility
Comprehensive Reports
Participant Pledge Recording
Participant Location Maps
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Dashboards
Supporter insights
Top Supporters
Latest Supporters
Retention Rates
Supporter Management
Supporter Profiles
Donation Insights
Social Media Integration
Supporter Profile Pages
Task Lists
Take Donations Over the Phone
Unlimited Bespoke Supporter Specific Checkouts
MailChimp Integration
Supporter/Donor Analytics
Collection Box Manager
Unlimited Collection Boxes
Box Location Tracking
Box Coordinator Management
Export Facility
Free To All UK Charities
Full Technical Support
GDPR Compliant

* Feature available to charities via TotalGiving
 Feature available to charities via NowDonate

The Power To Connect, Engage & Colaborate Worldwide

Social Media Integration
Direct Donations
Unlimited Appeals
One Hour Response
140+ Currencies
Unlimited Users
Gift Aid Processing
Responsive Design

The RedCloud Suite gives UK charities the most powerful tools available today completley free


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