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The Donation Manager RedCloud™ Suite is a set of unique and powerful cloud based systems that give charities of all sizes a means to succeed.

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100% free to all UK charities.
The Most Powerful Yet
Over 10,000 UK Charities
Elpis Trust
Dog Rescue Cyprus
Pals With Paws Support Dogs Scotland
Combe Pre School
Karenni Student Development Programme
The Serbian Society
The Production Exchange Limited
Eden Gate Newport
Yellow House Cultural Centre
Talibe Trust
Bangor Islamic Centre
Benvardin Animal Rescue Kennels
Joint Christian Science Reading Room UK
Yoga Quota Ltd
Lost Chord
Gary Mason Rhythmical Empowerment Charitable Foundation
SPEAK Network Events Support & Training
Saiva Munnetta Sangam (uk)
The Hull Medical Society
The German Shepherd Helpline
African Children's Educational Trust (A-CET)
Veterans For Wildlife
Lismore Rugby Football Club
Campaign Against Antisemitism
Goreeb & Eatheem Trust Fund UK
Rotary Club Of Sid Valley Trust Fund
The Mariposa Trust
Friends Of Chitambo SCIO
A Better Life
Georgies Gift
Support Home of God Project
Acn Independence And Leisure
Sefton Carers Centre
Child Of Hope
The Uphill Trust
Springfield Mind Limited